Mbizi Forest Plantation (MFP) is situated on western slopes of Mbizi Forest Reserve (MFR) in Sumbawanga district, Rukwa region. The Forest Reserve covers a total of 23,427 ha, while area suitable for plantation is estimated at 4000 ha. Altitude wise, MFR lies between 2100-2400 m. a.s.l. This forest and its vegetative covers make MFR a critical catchment area that feeds many rivers including Lwiche River that waters both Sumbawanga Municipality and its areas before it pouring water into Lake Rukwa.

Mbizi forest plantation was established in 2014 , and is divided into five (5) ranges, namely, Kande, Mbizi, Senga, Muva and Wipanga. Todate a total of  1,1490 ha have been planted planted with Pinus patula (1313 ha) and Eucalyptus spp (177 ha). Other tree species to be planted will include Cuppressus lustanica, Eucalyptus grandis, Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Grevillea robusta and Acrocarpus flaxinifolius.

The natural forest in this plantation harbours flora and fauna of different species, including ranging from Red colubus monkey and endemic species of butterflies. Also, this forest is the source of water for Sumbawanga Municipal and surrounding villages.


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