Buhindi Forest Reserve is situated North-West of Mwanza on the Southern shore of Lake Victoria at Latitude 20 25’S and Longitude 320 15’E at elevation of about  1150 m.a.s.l. From Mwanza city it is reached by road about 140 km via Kigongo (Busisi) ferry or over a shorter distance about 100 km via Kamanga Ferry.

Buhindi Forest Plantation is within Buhindi Forest Reserve which was gazetted by Government Notice No.316 of 1944 shown on map number JB 76/6127 with 22,285 ha.The reserve was regazetted in 1955 by Government Notice number 346 on map number JB 233

Buhindi Forest Reserve is also responsible for management of Maisome Island Forest Reserve which covers 12,050 Ha. The reserve was designated as a Forest Reserve in 1928.

Buhindi Forest Plantation was established through trials of Pinus caribaea, Pinus insularis, Pinus kesiya and Eucalyptus camadulensis. Large scale softwood plantation was established in 1967 by planting Pinus caribaea

Buhindi Forest Reserve covers an area of 21,880 ha whereby the plantable land is about 10,608 ha, area. The plantation is divided into seven (7) blocks namely,

  • Bupandwa Block has a total of 24 compartments with a total area of 400 ha, mostly planted with Pinus cariabea, P.Kesiya and P.tecunumanii.
  • Nyashimba Block has a total of 40 compartments with a total planted area of 1025 ha. Mostly planted with P.caribaea  and P. tecunumanii and P. kesiya.
  • Bilulomo Block occupies about 684 ha
  • Bulyahilu Block occupies about 672 ha planted area
  • Mtakuja Block occupies about 508 ha which is planted with Pinus kesiya and Pinus tecunumanii species.
  • Bulolo Block covers 302 ha planted with Pinus kesiya and other species including Pinus tecunumanii.
  • Kabingo Block covers about 632 ha and is planted with Pinus caribaea.

The natural forests are largely made up of two types of vegetation cover namely: woodland forest and riverine forests. In the woodland, the most found tree species are Combretum and Terminalia. Tree species found in the riverine include Maesopsis eminii, Parinari curalelifolia, Diospyros sp, Antiaris toxicana, Albizia brachycalyx with association of palms.



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