Mpepo Forest plantation is located in Nyasa district, Ruvuma region along Livingstone Ranges. The forest lies between 1300 and 2000 m.a.s.l. It is located between 110 23’ 33.27”S, 350 1’25. 89”E, 11023’39.60”S, 35010’0.04”E, 11031’48.21”S, 35010’11.35”E, 11032’0.34”S, 350 0’40.0”E. Temperature varies between 14°C and 30°C.

Mpepo Forest Plantation experience single rain season commencing from November to May with an average annual rainfall between 2000 mm and 2700 mm. The Forest plantation can be accessed by one route from Mbinga town via Unyoni and Tingi villages. It is about 86 km from Mbinga town. Mpepo Forest plantation consists of mountainous ranges, which are commonly dominated with short grasses associated with dispersed Miombo woodlands. The plantaion is divided into two main blocks namely Mapera (734 ha) and Kizota (1283 ha). In terms of forest development in 2018, 200 ha were planted in Mapera block.

Mpepo forest plantation sits on top of Livingstone Ranges which rises sharply from Lake Nyasa to about 2000 m a.s.l, thus enjoys a unique microclimate. Most of the rivers and streams draining water to Lake Nyasa originate from the base of the Livingstone Ranges where Mpepo Forest plantation is situated. Due to this unique microclimate, undulating terrains and high biodiversity the area attracts ecotourism activities. It also comprises high peaks which can be used as view points for viewing Lake Nyasa, Malawi and Mozambique.


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