Rondo Nature Forest

About Rondo Nature Forest Reserve

Rondo Nature Forest Reserve is one among other nature reserve in Tanzania The Nature Reserve area is about 11,742.26Ha. The boundary length is 51.6 km and is well demarcated by a track. The area contains a far greater number of endemic plant species than any other Coastal Forest as well as endemic reptile species. This nature reserve derived from Rondo Forest Reserve which is a part of Coastal Forest mosaic of Eastern Africa. Due to its high level of endemism and species richness, Rondo FR was proposed to be promoted to a Nature Forest Reserve. Rondo Nature forest reserve alone is a home of at least 60 strict endemic plant species, diverse mammals, reptiles and amphibians, birds, butterflies, millipedes and mollusks. Furthermore most of the major rivers supplying water to Lindi District originate at the base of the Rondo. Therefore these areas are important water catchments. Rondo Nature Forest Reserve is under Tanzania Forest Services, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

Location of Rondo Nature Forest Reserve

Rondo Nature Forest Reserve is located in the southern part of Tanzania on part of the so called Rondo (Mwera) plateau at around 870 m a.s.l. It lies on latitude 1004’S to 100 14’S and longitude 3908’E to 39015’E.

Two routes can access Rondo Nature Forest reserve. The first route which is the shortest is from Lindi to Ngongo village (16 km) where the road branches from the Lindi – Mtwara highway to Rondo. Through this route you pass a very steep and narrow track entering the eastern edge of the Rondo Through this route you travel 60 km towards West of Lindi.

The other route is through the all-weather road to the reserve from Lindi by taking the tarmac Lindi – Masasi road to Nyengedi (50 km), where there is a turning to the north. Proceed on this earth road past St.Cyprian’s College on the crest of the Rondo (Mwera) plateau until reaching the village of Ntene where the reserve headquarter is located. However there is no direct public transport to the forest and part of the road is not easily accessible during rainy season.