About Uzungwa Scarp Nature Forest Reserve 

Uzungwa Scarp Nature Forest Reserve (USNFR) covers an area of of 32,763.2 ha with boundary length of about 126 km. It is located in the southern highlands of Tanzania within Iringa region (Kilolo and Mufindi districts) and in Morogoro region (Kilombero districts). The reserve is located within Iringa region (Kilolo and Mufindi districts) and in Morogoro region (Kilombero district), and also lies within Longitude 36017.45”E and Latitude 70 55.00”S. is the catchment forest located between geographical area of 9053500 and 9093500 N and 818500 and 177500 E. It forms part of the largest mountain block of the Udzungwa Mountains, which are part of the Eastern Arc Mountains chain.

USNFR consists of tall luxurious sub montane forests and deciduous to semi-deciduous highland forests. USNFR vegetation is of the Eastern Arc Mountains type with globally important for their biological values and nationally important for catchment values providing water to different part of Tanzania.

There are three main accesses  first access is through Ipogoro via Kilolo district which is about 80 to 100 km from Iringa Town. Second access is through Mufindi district about 130 km from Mafinga town in Iringa region ,the third  access is through Mikumi town  through  Ifakara  to Itongoa which  is about 80 km from  Ifakara town.

Tourism attractions includes ; Uzungwa escarpment, Colobus monkeys( red and black white ) water falls (Idasi, Funo and Ilutila ) Natural dams(Mkololo ),tree climbing frog (Hyperolius kihangensis), curves (Ilutila,Ngwilo).