Rubare Forest Plantation is in the Northern West part of Tanzania in Bukoba Rural district, Bukoba Municipal and Missenyi district in Kagera region. The forest plantation is within the Rubare and Munene Forest Reserves. The forest plantation headquarters are located at Rubare, 10 km south of Bukoba town. The plantation office is accessible by road from Bukoba town through Maruku road on the way to Kalobera Bay.

Rubare forest plantation/Reserve was Gazzetted in 1971 as per Forest Ordinance schedule and was declared as a territorial Forest Reserve –Cap 132p.1398.This plantation covers a total area of 6,374 ha, and for efficient and easy management is divided into two main blocks. These blocks are Kajunguti and Maruku. The plantable area is 3420 ha, already planted area is 2411 ha and the remaining consists of natural forests

The primary objective of establishing the plantation was to supply raw materials for wood based industries and fuelwood, generation of government revenue, amelioration of climate

Major tree species planted in this forest is Pinus caribeae with some few Pinus tecunumanii and Pinus kesiya. The main species found on the natural forest include Maesopsis eminii, Syzgium guenecence, Anthodeista pulchrima, Makaranga monandra and ochra spp. On the slopes and escarpments short grass is the principal vegetation with scattered short trees. The plantation comprises of trees of different age classes, with 0-8 years being the dominating age class, representing 85%.

Rubare Forest Plantation consists of a lower montane forest which is rich in flora and fauna. It is also bordered by Lake Victoria with good beaches, bays, waterfalls and caves. This enhances the potentiality of this plantation for ecotourism