Rubya Forest Plantation is found in the Western part of Ukerewe district, Mwanza region and borders Lake Victoria This plantation was started 1960s, with a total area of 1,926 ha. Out of this, 1803.7 ha are productive area while 122.3 ha are unproductive (rock and marshes area, staff houses and the plantation Offices). Recently, TFS and Ukerewe district council entered into a joint agreement to establish plantation of a total area of 1171.1 ha in Negoma, Kabingo, Mkigagi and Itira into plantation forests. This makes Rubya forest plantation to have a total area of 3,097.1 ha.

Tree species which are found in Rubya forest plantation are both indigenous and exotic species. The indigenous one include Maesopsis eminii, Albizia saman and Milicia excelsa while the exotic tree species are Pinus caribaea, Pinus technumanii and Pinus kesiya.

The remaining natural forests harbour faunal species of owls, swifts, eagles, lizards, snakes and crocodiles can be found in the area. Others include small mammals such as dik dik, hares and baboons. Also, there is a magnificent fire tower, it is from this tower a person can view the whole plantation and wide area of Ukerewe Island.

Rubya forest plantation has also a very fascinating beach in the north west of the forest along the Victoria Lake where sunset can be viewed well. The beach is situated adjacent to the plantation rest house. The beach covers a total area of 7.9 ha with a total length of 1.6 km. Unlike many other shores along the lake, this beach has been tested free from bilharzias. This is a good opportunity for tourism industry and is connected with all weather earth road with other parts of Ukerewe Island e.g. Nansio town which is only 35 km from Rubya Forest office.



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Rubya Forest Plantation,
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