Sao Hill Forest Plantation comprises of several Forest Reserves, namely, Sao Hill, Gulusiro, Msiwasi, Irunda, Mninga, Mkewe, Mbalwe Mfukulembe, Kihanga, Ngwasi, Kigogo, Mufindi, Mgololo and Ihang’ana. Its history dates back to 1935.

The Sao Hill Forest Plantation (SHFP) is found in Mufindi District, Iringa region and small part in Kilombero District Morogoro Region. It is situated 100 km South of Iringa town and 15 km from Mafinga town on Tanzania-Zambia (TANZAM) highway which cuts through on the south western part of the plantation. The area is also accessible toward the south at Mgololo by Tanzania-Zambia Railway (TAZARA). Mufindi District is located between Latitude 6o 29’21” S and Longitude 35o 07’ 18”E. Sao Hill Forest Plantations (SHFP) lies at 8o 18’S to 8 33’S and 35o6’E to 35o20’E .It has average elevation of 1634 m.a.s.l.

The Sao Hill Forest plantation covers a total area of 135,903 ha, out of which 54,070 ha are planted with Pines and 3,500 ha with Cypress and Eucalyptus spp. This makes the Sao Hill Forest Plantation to be the largest plantation in Tanzania. Also, 48,200 ha are natural forests and river valleys managed as water catchment areas, 31,933 ha are extension areas and 1,700 ha are areas for other uses including residential.

Large scale tree planting between 1950 and 1990 was achieved with funds from Tanzania Government and aids from development partners, such as World Bank. Initially, Sao Hill Forest Plantation was established to furnish pulp /paper and saw logs, and later on fuel wood and poles through planting Eucalyptus species

Administratively, Sao Hill Forest Plantation is divided in four (04) Division, each being headed by Divisional Manager reporting to Sao Hill Forest Plantation Manager.

Large coverage of landscape with plantation forests being established in mosaic form and large areas covered with wetlands make this plantation a  unique site for visiting. Moreover, the natural forests in this plantation are very potential for beekeeping.



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