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National Tree Planting Day

Tree Planting in Tanzania

In Tanzania, every 1st April we celebrate the National Tree Planting Day.

Usually the President or the Prime Minister is the guest of honor. This year the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism will be the guest of honour.

This day will be celebrated in a Njombe region by planting trees in one of the farms owned by a member of the tree growers association to encourage private sector.

Tanzania is facing a difficity of 20M cubic metres of wood. In ten years the gap will be even bigger. The government is now encouraging private sector to invest in tree planting. About 100 million trees are planted by small scale farmers every year in this part of Tanzania.

As part of tis move, the Tanzania Forest Services Agency today has launched a new forest plantation which in 3 months now about 150 hectares have been planted pines. By the end of April, 500ha will be planted.

The national day is also used as a platform to remind communities and the stakeholders in the importance of trees and forest conservation.

This day is just a ceremonial as rain season vary with regions. Every region has its won day but nationally is 1st April where just a few trees are planted