Sao Hill Division IV Forest Plantation

The Division four (Mgololo) is one of the four divisions of Sao Hill Forest Plantation which is situated in the Northern Highland part of Tanzania in Mufindi district Iringa region. Division IV forest is located in the lower elevation area of the Mufindi Escarpment and partly in Kilombero District.It lies between grid references 750000 E – 9050000N and 770000E – 9032000N and about altitudes 2000m. a. s. l. on the Eastern and South Eastern side of the division TAZARA Railway line passes. The office is situated about 88Kms from the main office of Sao Hill Forest Plantation, which is about 20 Kms from Mafinga Town.


1.2.1 History
The Sao Hill Division four Forest Plantation started during the phase II of the World Bank Loan  Agreement, which took off since 1980 and ended 1989. That was regarded as aforestation programme of Pine and Eucalyptus to meet the domestic and export demand for paper and to supply round logs, poles and fire woods to the sawmill. From 1980 to date, a total 9622.72 ha of forest plantations have been planted with various species mainly Pines patula, Pines kessiya, P. elliotii, P.caribea, E.grandis, E.maidenii, and mixed species of P.patula/P.kessiya and E.grandis/P.patula Division of the plantation
The Division is devided into three administrative ranges namely

i/ Kitasengwa
This range is devided in several compartments which makes a total of 3418.ha and the main species includes Pines patula, Pines kessiya, P. elliotii, P.caribea, E.grandis & E.maidenii.

ii/ Luiga range.
This range covers a total 19659.9ha of which 11635 ha is extension area not yet planted and 8024.9ha is planted with different species including Pines patula, Pines kessiya,& E.grandis, This range is neither surveyed nor mapped so those operations are to be conducted during this plan period as well to divide it to form new range(Simbi).

iii/ Magunguli range.
This range is located in Magunguli village with a total area of 2571 ha of which 2080 ha is natural vegetation and 491 ha is plantation with Pines patula, Pines kessiya and Ciprus spp

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