North Kilimanjaro Forest Plantation

North Kilimanjaro Forest Plantation is situated in the Northern part of Tanzania between latitudes 3º05’ and 3º15’ South and Longitudes 37º 15’ and 420 00’ East. It lies on the lower northern slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro Forest Reserve at altitudes between 1800 and 2250 meters above sea level (m. a. s. l.). The plantation is accessed about 120 km from Moshi Town in Rombo District, Kilimanjaro Region bordering with the Republic of Kenya.

1.2.1 History
The Forest Plantation was established in 1926 under licensed cultivators (squatter system), with the aim of replacing indigenous timber trees, mainly Cedar and Podo with fast growing softwood plantation (Pine and Cypress) to supply wood produce as raw materials to sawmillers.

From 1926 to 1967, a total of 4,427 ha of forest plantations were established and between 1967 and 1979, a total of 875 ha. Later in 1985, 722.26 ha were planted at Tarakea and Nanjara. There is an area of about 462 ha with grassland (glade) which has been set aside in Nanjara range for forest plantation extension. Unplanted area is 110 ha while buffer zones and fire lines constitute an area of area of 968ha and natural forest 504.74ha.

Resurvey was conducted in 2009/2010 to separate North Kilimanjaro Forest Plantation with KINAPA and Rombo District Forest due to change of management regime since all former Kilimanjaro catchment forests were now managed by KINAPA. As a result of resurvey we have a new map JB 2875 and the forest area to date is 8069ha. The new map has a boundary length of 79.16km. The boundary is clearly marked on the ground and marked by beacons and boundary trees. Area bordering with national park was cleared to distinguish natural forest and plantation forest.

1 .2.1.1. Division of the Plantation
The plantation is divided into six blocks to make easier for management.

(i) Kamwanga Block

  • Kamwanga block was started in 1955 with an area of 13.44ha planted with species of Cupressus lustanica and Cupressus benthamii.
  • The Kamwanga block to date has a total area of 1,357.37ha.

(ii) Endoneti Block

  • Endonet block was started in 1951 with an area of 951.4ha planted with species of Cupressus lustanica.
  • The Endonet block to date has a total area of 1,002.59ha.

(iii) Rongai Block

  • Rongai block was started in 1926 with an area of 223ha planted with species of
  • Cedar and Cupressus lustanica
  • The Rongai block to date has a total area of 1,436.30ha.

(iv) Nalemuru Block2

  • Nalemuru block was started in 1954 with an area of 458ha under Squatters system, the
  • Area was planted with species of Pinus patula.
  • The Nalemuru block to date has a total area of 1,734ha.

(v) Tarakea Block

  • The Tarakea block has a total area of 407ha.

(vi) Nanjara Block

  • The Nanjara block has a total area of 427.4ha.
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