Kiwira Forest Plantation

Kiwira forest plantation started in 1960 by planting 63 ha of P. patula. The idea of starting the project originated in 1954 during colonial period when three trial plots of four species were established. The species tried were Pinus patula, P. elliottii, P. radiata and P. montezumae. Out of these species, P.patula faired best and selected to be planted in large scale. The plantation has two ranges or blocks namely Rungwe and Livingstone. The names of these ranges are derived from the two mountains between which most of the plantation lies.

Planting activities in the Rungwe range started in 1961 and ended in 1969. Planting in the Livingston range started in 1972 and ended in 1975, for the first rotation, out of the total area 10 ha were planted Cupressus lustanica, 18 ha planted Eucalyptus maidenii and the rest area were under Pinus patula.

The second rotation comprises of 10 ha of mixed Cupressus lustanica and Pinus patula, 18.8 ha of mixed Eucalyptus maidenii and Pinus patula and 2608.6 ha of Pinus patula.

Large scale planting of Pinus patula in the middle slopes of Mount Rungwe (1704-2200 above sea level) commenced early in 1961. Division of the Plantation

The plantation is administratively devided into two Ranges namely the Rungwe Range and Livingstone Range.

(i) Rungwe Range/Block

The Rungwe range has a total area of 2024.2 ha being the largest range in the plantation comprising of about two third of the whole plantation. The range is separated by Livingstone Range by a Kimwondo village which is between the two ranges. The range is made up of about 99 compartments.

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