Wino Forest Plantation

The Wino forest plantation is located in Songea rural district in Ruvuma region. It is 135km away from Songea Municipal and about 112 km away from Njombe town. The plantation is located North East of Songea – Njombe road approximately on latitute 09045’ 30” South and longitude 39° 17’ 00” East.

The forest plantation is accessible through Songea – Njombe tarmac road. Also currently road network within a plantation is established by constructing new roads and rehabilitating the existing roads. The forest is surrounded by five (5) villages which include Wino to the west, Ifinga to the East, Lilondo to the south Ujagaja and Igawisenga to the north.


1.2.1 History
The idea of establishing the Wino forest reserve was raised by the Wino ward development committee in the year 1967 with the initial purpose of protecting the headwaters of perennial rivers and several small perennial streams and also to prevent soil erosion. The rivers include Mgombezi, Utiga and Mayoka.In the same year, the committee proposed part of the area to be softwood plantation to carter several objectives:

  • To supply poles, timber, firewood for the community around the area as by that time the area was a grassland
  • To supply softwood timber for making boxes for tobacco packaging in the Ngoni Matengo (Ngomat) cooperative union

The first trial plots in Wino forest Plantation was established by forest department in the year 1968. The trial plots involved Pinus elliottii and Pinus patula species each of 0.405 ha and both species proved suitable for the area. The planting subsequently continued up to the year 1989 where a total of 295 ha were already planted.

From the year 1972 to 1982/83 the Songea district development committee was responsible in establishing and managing the Wino forest plantation. In 1973 the district development director made a compensation of Tshs. 32,070/= to the fifteen (15) local people who were residing in the area. However, between the years 1983/84 to 1989/90 the Wino forest plantation has been also financed by the central government.

In 1989 the area was gazetted as forest reserve through a government notice number 109 of 26th May. Following the gazettement, the Songea district council decided to hand over the Wino forest reserve to central government in the year, 1990.

The forest reserve was then managed by the regional forest’s office through support of fund from regional commissioner’s office. As mentioned earlier, a total of 295 ha of Pinus patula, Pines elliottii and Cupressus lucitanica tree species were already planted in the area. Due to shortage of fund and also due to insufficient number of staff, the forest reserve was abandoned and had either harvested or burnt by wild fires. The Regional forest officer decided to hand over the management of the forest reserve to the Forest Division by then which in turn directed the management of the forest to be under the Matogoro Forest reserve manager in the year 2006.

The commencement of replanting and planting in the area started again in the year 2008/2009 where by a total of 93 ha were planted with Pinus patula. The annual planting target was then increased gradually and to date (2012/2013) the total planted area is 880.34 ha. The annual planting target is planned to be 500 ha per year for the coming five years of this management plan.

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